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After sending your application

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. VAT Number: Request Review. Request Review Complete the form to request a review from a third-party. Google Map Listing Yell. Which review site would you like a request from? Claim Voucher. While there are a few instances when it's not in your best interest to reapply for a job that's been reposted, there are many cases when it does make sense:.

Your resume has been professionally rewritten.

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If you used a professional resume-writing service to makeover your resume, apply for the position a second time. Writing a compelling resume is both an art and a science; if you haven't been professionally trained to write a resume, it's unfair to expect your resume to fare well in the job-search black hole. Chances are, your initial job application never made it passed the dreaded resume bots or it failed the six-second resume test.

Give your new resume a crack at this job opportunity.

When Should You Follow Up Your Job Application?

You failed to customize your resume the first time around. Even a solid resume can get rejected if it wasn't tailored for the specific job listing. Take a closer look at the job requirements to ensure your resume clearly highlights your qualifications — especially within the top third of your resume's first page.

For instance, you might alter your professional title to align with the position's title, swap in and out some of your core competencies, or reword some of your experience to mirror the language found in the job description. Your skills or work history have changed since your initial application. If you've received a promotion, taken on new responsibilities, completed a relevant degree or certification, or developed a new skill that's required or desired for the job, update your resume and resubmit your application.

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You discovered a typo on your original resume. If you realize that your original resume contained a typo or other error, give your edited version a thorough proofread and, assuming you're qualified for the role, apply for the job a second time.

Your initial resume wasn't ATS compatible. Approximately 95 percent of Fortune companies rely on ATS software to help screen and vet their incoming applications. If your initial resume wasn't crafted with this electronic gatekeeper in mind, there's a good chance your application never made it onto the hiring manager's desk for review. Reapply for the job if it's been reposted and you've updated your resume to an ATS-friendly format.

How to: Deal with interview rejection

Related: How to Proofread Your Resume. If you decided it's worth your time to reapply for the job, follow the tips below to improve your application's chances of success:.

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Proofread, proofread, proofread. Don't let a silly mistake squash your chances of landing the interview. Carefully review your resume to ensure it's typo-free. Customize your cover letter and resume. There's no point in reapplying for a position if you don't take the time to tailor your application to the role. Take the ATS into consideration. If the company uses an ATS to manage its applications, see if it provides you with an option to replace your old resume file with the new one.

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If it doesn't, you may want to use a different email than the one you used for your initial application to avoid creating a duplicate record in the system. Seek out referrals. You're 10 times more likely to land the job when your application is accompanied by an employee referral. Run an advanced search on your LinkedIn network and see if you know anyone who currently or previously worked at the company. If you find someone you know, reach out and see if they can provide you with insider tips on the company's hiring processes.

Better yet, find out if they're willing to pass your resume along to the hiring manager or if they'll allow you to include their name in your application. Follow the steps above when reapplying for a job that's been reposted and your chances of getting a call back are sure to improve! Is your resume ready for your next application or reapplication? Check with a free resume critique today! Let's stay in touch. Subscribe today to get job tips and career advice that will come in handy. Career advice is on its way.

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