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Her symbolism stands out to me above all else in the book.

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While Erdrich uses many symbols and motifs, the most poignant is her water and river As a Native Woman character, Lulu reclaims and redefines space that is usually taken up by unjust stereotypes by using her shameless beauty and Double consciousness is a term that was coined by W. These characters are different from one another with their own struggles and problems but are connected, not just by blood but by their shared Remember me.

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Forgot your password? This causes Lipsha to realize that his meddling with the love medicine was very dangerous and not something to take lightly. Lipsha is a key figure to the novel because he shows how the love medicine is very dangerous. Lipsha learned a lesson through his actions of meddling with the love medicine.

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Lipsha shows us what happens when the love medicine is misused. Lipsha acts based upon how he feels rather than what is logical.

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He really understands the meaning and purpose of life. Lipsha sees how his grandmother, Marie, is hurting and helps her out. Nector has a confusing and complex relationship with two women, Lulu and Marie that unfolds throughout the novel. Although Nector married Marie he loves Lulu and cannot get pass these feeling for her.

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Nector begins having an affair with Lulu that lasts for five years. Although the affair is intended for Nector to finally get what he has yearned for his whole life it suddenly turns into a complicated mess. What started as a carefree affair with the love of his life turned into a strict scheduling of when he as to see Lulu and get time away from Marie.

The relationship became serious and turned into something that Nector needed.

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He made Lulu into what seemed like a second wife and turned this care free love into a chore. Nector became controlling over Lulu and wanted her to only be his. Everything increased in complexity when Lulu had Nectors child.

Nector gets fed up with the double relationships tries to leave Lulu. Once he realizes he cannot bear to be without her he decides to tell Marie he is leaving her for Lulu. With the mess of events Nector caused he ends up staying with Marie until he is out in a retirement home at an old age.

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At this retirement home Nector has very poor memory. Lipsha tells us of how Nector begins an affair with Lulu once again at the retirement home. Marie is desperate for Nector to remain faithful to her and searches for a way for him to be forced to. Her solution is to ask for help from Lipsha to make love medicine that will keep Nector faithful. Lipsha messes up in the process of making the medicine and Nector ends up dying from it.