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At first we see Homer pining after one of the beautiful popular girls in his school but she is unattainable. Because he struck out with the popular girl he went into isolation and focused only on his rockets.

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I would also say that Homer exhibits two of the characteristics of adolescent egocentrism; he shows invincibility fable and personal fable. As Homer became more seasoned in his rocket making and more serious about his craft, he moved his test launches to an empty field which proved to be much safer for him and the community around him. The other characteristic he exhibits is personal fable.

He feels that his life is destined for something bigger than what has been set out for him. He believes there is something unique about himself that he needs to share with the world.

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While his father and everyone else, including his friends, look down on this idea of breaking out of the mold he still stuck with his idea of becoming something bigger and better. At the end of the story he does in fact become the town hero and his dreams of greatness come to fruition as he grows up. Want to know the price of your unique Paper? But Homer had a dream-to go to college and to devote his life to rocket technology. October Sky was the true story of the pivotal events that led Homer Hickam to move closer to his two goals of reaching for the sky and gaining his father"s respect.

The title of October Sky is very significant. The Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the world's first man-made satellite, in the sky on October 5, Hence the name of the movie October Sky. In the Soviet Union's announcement about the launch of the satellite, they said "the world could now see how the new socialist society turns even the most daring of man's dreams into a reality.

The launch of Sputnik captured the public's imagination and influenced many people as well as Homer to learn more about the satellite and space.

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It was in the October Sky that people around the world finally realized the capabilities of mankind; they realized man can turn his dreams into reality, just like Homer did. The dream then became developed into a reality.

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When Homer's teacher tells him "You can't just dream your way out of Coalwood," she wanted Homer to stop dreaming about going to college and dreaming about rocket technology, but actually try and do it himself. Homer"s effort to make the football team as a stepping stone to getting a college scholarship showed his courage and determination.