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Civil Rights and African Americans - American Government

Jose Maria College. Bachia Nabia. Martha Toma. It helped to create a model and process for legislation of the expanded rights of senior citizens, women, tenants, the disabled, Latinos, American Indians, Asian Americans, and others. The Civil Rights Movement permitted African Americans to perceive themselves as real actors in their own living history. The boundaries of what whites had defined as blackness were radically reinterpreted and renegotiated.

In short, many Americans came to recognize that "race" was not fixed, grounded in biological or genetic differences, or a natural division separating human beings into hierarchies; it was instead the logical special consequence of white structural power, white structural privilege, and anti-black prejudice. As black Americans challenged and overthrew these institutions of racial inequality and hierarchy, the actual relationship between black and white was sharply altered.

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This is a historical lesson, derived from our own recent experiences, that young Americans today must learn. To what extent was King's nonviolent resistance to segregation laws the best means of securing civil rights for black Americans in the s? Is the separate black nation proposed by Malcolm X a better or nobler goal than "the beloved community" of Martin Luther King, Jr.? Explain Martin Luther King, Jr. Analyze the concerns regarding King's intervention in Birmingham and King's responses to those concerns. Evaluate the merits and shortcomings of the competing philosophies around achieving civil rights.

Examine the relationship between each leader's background and their approach to achieving civil rights.


Evaluate the short and long term impact of these men and their philosophies regarding violence as a means toward change. Martin Luther King, Jr. A gifted preacher and committed pacifist, King thought that non-violent, direct action against racial segregation provided the best means of securing the full integration of blacks into the mainstream of American life.