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However, if you feel sick or unhappy, it is important to tell your mum or dad, a teacher or another grown-up. A playground Keeping yourself safe from others Keeping safe at the beach Keeping safe in the car Keeping yourself safe from child abuse Making your home safe from burglars Mobile phones are great…aren't they? Mosquitoes - how to avoid being their dinner Pets - keeping yourself safe Riding a bike Running away from home Safe camping Safety from fire Safety in the kitchen - for kids Snake bites The internet Trauma Travel safely - going out alone or with friends Water safety at home You and the environment.

Keeping safe at the beach beach; safety; swimming; sunburn; drown; safe ; Contents Where to swim Safe swimming at the beach On the water What else you can do Dr Kate says Where to swim In Australia we have lots of wonderful beaches.

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Some are better for swimming than others. Many are patrolled beaches , which means that there are lifeguards and surf rescue crews around in case anyone gets into trouble. These are the best places for kids to swim. Of course it helps if you can actually swim! Our safe swim campaigns have swimming lessons at all of the public pools and many of the school pools and swimming beaches during the summer school holidays. Look at the Royal Lifesaving site 'Swim and survive' for information on lessons.

Safe swimming at the beach To keep safe you need to remember a few rules: Always swim between the red and yellow flags if it is a patrolled beach. Never swim alone in case you get into difficulty. No, I'm not just talking about sharks and other possibly dangerous sea creatures. Getting cramp, or being caught by a strong current, or getting washed off rocks cause a lot of people to get into trouble. You know how good a swimmer you are, and it is being sensible, not chicken, to know when you could be putting yourself and others in danger. Don't swim after dark, as no one can see you if you need help.

Don't swim near rocks as you could get bashed into them if a big wave comes. But we are one family and I adore them and they love me too. That is a plus point for me. Outside home, I am a very popular child with so many friends. I want to be an achiever, not just A Sandwich. I wake up in the morning.

I get ready to go to school. The swimming period is my favourite period.

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After the interval, we all go for Religion. That Miss is very good.

Regional Youth Cooperation Office

She is teaching Buddhism. I like her.

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I go to school in a bus. There are lots of junior and senior students in my bus. I talk with my friends. She is very kind. She cooks me tasty food. She is a doctor. She is very nice. We are best friends. She is the best mother. I love my mother very much. I have a beautiful doll.

Her name is Anika. She is a Barbie Doll. My parents gifted her for my birthday.

She has beautiful brown hair. Her eyes are blue in colour. Anika has a long beautiful pink gown. It is shinning with sequins. She is wearing silver heels. She has a golden tiara and two star shaped earrings. She has a pink carriage and a castle. I put her in the carriage and take her to the castle. Anika is the queen of the castle and all my other Barbies are the princesses.

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  8. I love my doll very much. The best present I have got for my birthday is a Monopoly set. It is a dice game. We throw the dice onto the board. The one who gets the maximum score is the winner.

    13 Beach Activities for Kids

    I like to play this game. My school is Sujatha Balika Vidyalaya, Narahenpita.

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    6. We have classes from Grade One to Ten. There are 45 teachers in my school. There are about pupils in my school. Our principal is Mrs. She is very kind to us. Our school is very beautiful. The food was incredibly delicious. Then I drank some iced cold lemon lime juice to wash it down. Well, I have to say that I was already enjoying our family day at the beach so far.

      A day at the beach essay

      After that incredible lunch, my parents and I relaxed like for half an hour until it was officially time to have some real fun. We all ran into the sea water and dived in. The water was cool and wonderful that we stayed there until it was time for us to pack up and go home. As I sat in the back seat of the caravan, I looked out of the window to have a quick look at the clear blue sea water one more before we drove off.

      I can see that sun was already setting above the horizon of the ocean. But I know that some other again, we shall return to enjoy another family day at the beach. Connect with.