Rogers chocolates case study analysis

Problem Statement: TruEarth is a food company that specializes in high quality whole grain food. They were very successful with Cucina Fresca pasta line, and now Isabel Eckstein, the brand Submitted: December 16, By: anarossr. Access this essay Save. Submitted: February 17, By: AmApy. Submitted: June 3, By: nzz8v0.

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Case Analysis of Rogers Chocolates

Mountain Dew Case Analysis Submitted: March 28, By: alober. Submitted: December 10, By: ljd Submitted: January 26, By: pimksmooches. Citibank Case Analysis 1. Submitted: April 12, By: abowling Scrummy Temptations Chocolate Marketing Analysis Introduction This paper will present an idea for a new brand of dark chocolate called Scrummy Temptations. Since the beginning of this decade, the premium chocolate market in Canada has seen a very important annual growth, and the growth forecast for this market indicates that it will continue at a similar rate.

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In , the Board of directors at Rogers' Chocolates appealed for an important expansion and market share growth. Thus, managers at Rogers' have developed an aggressive and risky plan. One of the key subjects of this plan was the development of a marketing research, analysis and new marketing strategic plan for repositioning the company in the expected trail.

Rogers Chocolates Case Study Internal External Analysis

During almost three years, Rogers' management has planned and developed its strategic plan. In October , with the th anniversary of the company, Rogers' has started its implementation and monitoring stages. This plan includes a detailed analysis and forecast of the company market position, including environmental actors and forces affecting Rogers' and the premium chocolate market, SWOT analysis, expansion strategy, marketing mix analysis and development, etc.

It presents the beginning of the implementation and monitoring plan. December 4, Rogers' Chocolates is steeped in tradition and a rich history that has earned the company its current reputation as one of Canada's premiere chocolate makers. Rogers' honours its time-tested brand by making only premium products, packaging them elegantly, and choosing partners carefully.

Steve Parkhill, a former vice president of operations for Maple Leaf Foods, accepted the major responsibility of leading the company under the expectation of the Board of directors of to double or triple the size of the company within 10 years Thompson et al. This target has required to new executives to delineate an aggressive and risky strategic plan. There are many forces related with the macro environment that they affect the premium chocolate market. Economic growth has been declining worldwide. Nevertheless, the premium chocolate segment has not received a huge impact of the crises and the growth expectation is maintained at the same level Berthiaume et al.

If this requisition is validated cheaper and lower quality products can still be labelled as chocolate Berthiaume et al. Similar concern is present in Europe with the called Chocolate War Wielaard, Thus, consumers are demanding more dark chocolates, organic products and expect manufacturers to be as environmentally friendly as possible Berthiaume et al. In countries like the Ivory Coast, cacao is a politicized crop and the child chocolate.

The nature of seasonal production created problems with out-of-stock and long product shelf life. This analysis shows that the company has a tremendous opportunity to improve and expand its business. These characteristics are also experienced in the sub-segment of corporate gift Berthiaume et al. Other strengths are brand trial, variety, social involvement, solid financial indexes,. Anything new causes concern that the company is compromising its values and heritage Thompson et al. New product development: The emerging of new generations requires effort to attract these new customers.

Group3: Rogers Chocolate

The current increase in demanding of natural, sugarless products offer new. Web sales: The targeted segments have a huge rate of internet use and on-line purchases. To develop alliances offer the advantage of synergies with other companies, their products and to boost the retail, internet and wholesale markets Thompson et al. Other opportunities are franchising, the development of special line of chocolates, vertical integration own cocoa production , private level, publicity in national, regional, worldwide events, dumpers for seasonal demand, incorporation of technology, re-engineering of processes, and the improvement of the image in relationship with raw material providers Berthiaume et al.

Macro-conditions: instead of the Canadian market growth for premium chocolate in the last years, other forces are taking importance. Some of them are the permanent risk of a new global recession due to the current currency war, weaknesses of the American dollar and the loss of international tourism Parkhill, ; Thompson et al.

Competition: The business is shared with big players with different strategies. The macro-conditions favor the arriving of the competence in the growing Canadian market for premium chocolates. Other threats are the link with human right concerns Thompson et al. Personal indulgers are consumers that they love chocolates or with a sweet tooth. This group presents an appreciation and reconnaissance of the quality, high loyalty to the brand, and they are looking for unique and good old-fashioned service. Gift givers are consumers that identify the brand, appreciate the quality and the satisfaction of the chocolate meaning.

They thought in giving gifts to the ones they love, family and friends enjoying the quality of the product. This consumption is very seasonal e. Business givers are consumers that are part of the corporate world. They have reached high managers level positions in its companies. This sub-segment is seasonal considering social and company events e. The focus of the segment is males and females aged between 25 and 54 years, mid to high household incomes, collar workers and professionals, and urban dwellers. This demographic segment is related with the belief that the brand creates an experience for them Berthiaume et al.

Although the focus on the segment is equal for males and females, the objective of the choice is different.

Rogers Chocolates Case Study Solution and Analysis of Harvard Case Studies

According to Wasink , personal indulgers females tend to prefer snack-related comfort foods such as chocolates more than males p. Nevertheless, this difference is diluted when both personal indulgers and the gift-givers sub-segments are included.

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This segment is characterized by a high standard of life, belonging to the upper middle class and higher; people that they like to be compensated for the high quality of products and associated with the prestige of the brand. This represents achievers lifestyle with strong personalities that they like to enjoy the taste of a quality product Berthiaume et al. These cities and the associated territory e.

Roger's Chocolate

The Internet market offers a number of options to gauge customer attitudes and feelings towards promotions, brands and new products. The Internet also allows the access to new and younger customers and new geographic markets Andrews, Figure 1. Market competitiveness map for premium chocolate presenting the relationship between quality, price and the percentage o the market share for the most important brands in Canada Berthiaume et al.

The core competence is the specialization in a wide variety of premium chocolates that are enjoyed by all who experience the products Rogers'Chocolates, This started to change with the new administration. New products focus in packaging, dark chocolates, new flavours, seasonal products, as well as adapting the products to social trends.

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New products have short time and low investment in their development. The most important concepts is to maintain the quality and reputation of the products and brand. Thus, the introduction period could be important when they could affect the quality or quality perception. The growth period is significantly long for most of the chocolate based products but relatively short for the packaging, which should be reviewed with a period of 1 to 5 years Berthiaume et al. This target market and positioning strategy require designing a value-based pricing prioritizing customer value.