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CV - Templates and Guidelines | Europass

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Essentially, the Europass is a composition of five separate Europass documents which can be assembled in the European Skills Passport. The most common of the five documents is the Europass CV , which you can create by itself and send as a personal CV.

Job Application Letter and Examples for CV Europass

You can use this CV template as a standard CV which you can use to apply for jobs throughout Europe which can be helpful, as many countries have their own ways of writing and presenting a CV. You can also create a cover letter which goes with your Europass CV and strengthens your job application. Read more about the benefits of writing a cover letter. The Europass Language Passport is a way of displaying the language skills you dispose of and the levels of ability. Each language is separated and explained fully using the European framework of reference for languages , listing different levels for your understanding listening and reading , speaking interaction and production and your writing.

The Language Passport also gives you the opportunity to list language certificates and diplomas you have achieved, amongst a list of linguistic and intercultural experience you may have acquired through working or travelling abroad. For jobseekers who work in an international work environment and dispose of various language skills, this is a practical way of displaying your language abilities separate to your CV.

The Europass Mobility document allows you to record experience, work placement, skills and knowledge acquired in a different European country. You can record work experience , voluntary work and also academic experience , such as a year abroad or school exchange. Anyone can choose to use the Europass Mobility document , regardless of their age or stage of education. You must include the organisation, school or company in the completion of the Europass Mobility document.

How to Create a Europass CV (Template + Examples)

The sending partner must issue their information as well as the host partner, both of which should complete the necessary information and provide an electronic signature. The following sections of the Europass Mobility document list a description of the Mobility experience and the skills acquired during the Mobility experience.

This document accompanies any education or training certificate you may already have and seeks to explain the knowledge and skills acquired. It can provide additional information and expand on the achievement, clarifying more information and making it easier for recruiters to understand what the certificate or course entailed.

How does it work?

Please note: the Certificate Supplement is not a replacement, nor the original certificate document. It merely seeks to expand on the certificate information and content. The Diploma Supplement is more or less the same as the Certificate Supplement document , with the exception of the type of certificate it is supplementing. The Diploma Supplement describes the content and knowledge acquired in a diploma or higher education degree.

The format of the Europass CV is an auto-formatted document with a certain layout and specific way of displaying information, for which is receives recognition as the Europass CV. The Europass format includes everything that a CV normally would with its own set way of listing everything.

The 4 Sentence Cover Letter That Gets You The Job Interview

The structure of the Europass lists everything clearly, which helps recruiters to read your CV well. The layout is not confusing, but instead clear and concise, which is what you need for displaying your personal profile on a CV.


For further information, you can read more about the format and structure of the Europass CV , as well as the European Skills Passport and its format. Depending on where you wish to work and the work sector you wish to enter, the Europass has different advantages and disadvantages for all.

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  • This section seeks to organise the possible pros and cons of the Europass which may or not apply to you. You can use this section to decide how right the Europass is for you and whether or not it would be a suitable method for applying for the job you want. Europass alternatives There are of course, alternatives to the Europass CV.