Persuasive essay pro-marijuana

According to statistics, over 70 million Americans tried marijuana last year and more than 20 million smoked smoking marijuana.

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Therefore, the use of marijuana may be reduced in the next few years, but displaying it To prove its effectiveness, we need more research and testing of cannabis, which is not legal, so doctors do not want to study medicines they never use. In , administrative law judge Francis Young discovered that cannabis exists in its natural form and is one of the safest and therapeutically effective substances known to humans.

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The lethal dose of cannabis is currently estimated to be about 1: 20, or 1: 40, Simply put, smokers theoretically have to consume 20, to 40, times of marijuana contained in cannabis cigarettes and joints. Fatal response This basically means that cannabis is not fatal as it is impossible to consume cannabis in such a short period of time.

Marijuana Legalization Essay

Advocates of legalization made some comments. They claim that the number of people selling drugs will decrease as drugs are regulated and profits are reduced.

Persuasive Essay: Legalizing Marijuana

They also claim that drug dealers almost disappear and that the incidence of crime and violence decreases sharply. Did legitimization of marijuana cause many problems such as who sells medicine? Is it a private company? How does legalization affect the overall cost of health insurance and medical care?

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  • Perhaps the most important question is whether employees are prohibited from using legitimate drugs in certain occupations. Saint Pierre also pointed out that legalization of marijuana is unique in that the political persuasion of Americans contributes to the legitimization of marijuana.

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    People who support the reform can be found among those who have a liberal tendency to believe, among liberals and conservatives. All of the above 6. Communication through speech b. Language learning c. Group Discussions d.

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    Browse Essays. Show More. It grows as weed and cultivated plant all over the world in a variety of climates and soils".

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    • Marijuana was first cultivated in China around B. It was mainly used as a sedative and analgesic, but today it is commonly used for the "high" or the euphoric feeling it causes. The most active ingredient in marijuana is deltatetrahydrocannibinal commonly referred to as THC, which wasn't discovered until the s.

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      Marijuana is illegal today because of the Marijuana Stamp Tax Act passed in This act prohibited the use, sale, and growing of marijuana. It was made illegal because no one understood why smoking marijuana made people feel the way they did, and because it was associated with Indians and other so called "immoral people. Such as hallucination, anxiety, depression, extreme variability of mood, paranoia and schizophrenia lasting up to six hours.

      Although cannabis causes initial restlessness, excitement, and sometimes boisterous, impulsive behavior, pacing and dancing, the main picture is of reduced physical activity apart from speech. Physical effects include reddening of the eyes, dryness of the mouth and throat, a moderate increase in heart rate, tightness in the chest, drowsiness, unsteadiness, and uncoordinated muscular contractions. Marijuana buffers the central nervous system, but is not known to produce a.