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My young adolescent ears drank in the raw, chaotic beauty, an echo of the pain of the past.

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The thrashing, pulsating vitality of the instruments painted a picture, connecting me to the disillusioned kids who launched an epic movement of liberation some 40 years ago. Punkers question authority. Aggressively contrarian, they advocate for the other side—the side that seemed smothered silent during the post-Vietnam era. They rejected established norms.

I had always felt different from my peers. Then came the punk philosophy, for the outliers, for those who were different. That was something I could be part of. Instead of trying to conform to my peers, I adopted an anti-conformist attitude.

I resented anything popular. Yoga pants?

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Well, I could make a few concessions. I wasted so much energy on being different that I lost track of what actually made me happy. But I felt more cynical than liberated.

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What specific plan do you have, if any, for using the education you hope to receive? All freshman applicants—both international and U. All transfer applicants must complete an application, along with our Supplement and some special forms for transfers.

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View details and apply. There is a unique application for Visiting Undergraduate Students from another institution who spend a semester or year studying at Harvard.

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A strong knowledge of English is essential for successful study at Harvard, including the ability to understand and express thoughts quickly and clearly. We encourage interested international applicants to have an interview if possible. The financial aid policies for foreign citizens are exactly the same as those for U. When you apply for aid, we work directly with your family and factor in additional expenses for international students.