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Who is at fault for the pollution? The inhabitants of Earth. Fortunately for earth there are ways of preventing this form of pollution. The importance of the marine ecosystems and the effects of pollution.

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The marine ecosystems are located in the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and the Arctic oceans. The National Geographic provides information about different types. Pollution Pollution is the contamination of the environment which is a serious problem that causes instability, disorder, harm and discomfort to the ecosystem and those who live in it. There are many types of pollution such as water pollution, air pollution, sound pollution, soil pollution etc. Pollution happens every single day and it has now become the way of living.

Among the many types of water pollutants such as chemical, microbiological, ground, and surface water pollutants; Oil spills. Throughout my research on Plastic Pollution I learned that plastic is a material that our planet cannot digest but it has become the lubricant growth of globalization.

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Thus, Plastic is made from oil that contains many chemicals harmful to humans and animals. Humans are barely aware that Plastic is so part of our lives that it can be found in everyday products that we consume and even the food we eat. Humanity plastic foot print in the oceans has caused a major garbage path located thousands of miles. Pollution is referred to the presence in the atmosphere of any chemical, physical or biological agents harmful to health or well-being, animal or plant life.

This degradation of the environment by an external contaminant can cause damage to the everyday life of human beings and alter the conditions of survival of flora and fauna. About 2 million people could die each year from any cause attributable to air pollution, says the World Health Organization. According to this study, most deaths occur in. We easily dump our waste into the oceans to dispose of our problem, but this small and simple solution is creating an even bigger problem.

The way humans dispose of their wastes is causing the death of our beloved marine life. Not only are we killing off our animals, our food source, and our resources, we are also minimizing our usable water. Pollution comes in many forms. In the ocean we dump a variety of substances. Pollution is a serious global issue that has occurred for as long as humans have inhabited the planet. There are several different varieties of pollution, as well as an abundance of materials, both natural and synthetic, that the earth is contaminated with.

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Environmental Pollution Increased and uncontrolled human activities like industries, transportation, agriculture, health care, dwelling, and energy generation are some of the causes of environmental pollution. Several industries like textile, steel, paper, sugar, food, petroleum, cement industries, and chemical industries and causes soil or land pollution, air pollution, and water pollution. Conclusion of environmental pollution is that the major cause for the environmental pollution is activities.

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Pollution Pollution is the chemical change in the structure of biological creatures and the components of environment that would lead to imbalance the nature. Pollutants can be any solid materials, liquids, gases or microbes. There are so many picture of pollution such as: Air, noise, water, soil, radioactive, light and visual pollutions etc.

There are more cars on the road today, and because of this we experience higher levels of pollution than before. The automobile is probably the leading contributor pollution in our cities. They release toxic emissions into our atmosphere. Automobiles are linked particularly to carbon monoxide pollution.

They are noisy especially if you are living near the highway. Pollution and the Environment Pollution occurs when harmful substances or products are introduced into the environment. It is a major problem in America, as well as the rest of the world. Pollution damages the environment and does harm to humans and other animals.

Essay on Environmental Pollution

It creates many problems, from lung cancer to the greenhouse effect. Oblivious to the damage they cause, rednecks continue to throw trash out of the window instead of walking two feet to a garbage can. The laziness of these types. Ayaka Okura Evelyn Naoumi Academic Writing 1 Water Pollution In The Philippines The Philippines is an archipelago, which means it is made up of a group of islands and is rich in bodies of water such as the oceans, rivers, and lakes. These contaminated waters have not only been continuously harming people, but also the aquatic.

Pollution Pollution is the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment. Pollution not only damages the environment, but damages us also.

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What is the reason behind this flawed logic? In this paper I will examine the problems and solutions for this issue.

Automobiles are undeniable. Thesis Statement: Water pollution is bringing down the economy, destroys the beauty of nature, and causing harmful dreaded diseases and sickness in precious health of many individual. Water is essential for all living things to survive, yet people still pollute it.

Water pollution causes, effects and consequences

It's pretty sad to be taking a trip to the beach with your family and you get there to see. Water pollution is caused by impurities in water eg, lakes,rivers, oceans and even drinking water. This contaminated water can be the result of many different types of pollution whether it is natural or man made pollutants that pollute the water. This can have a significant impact on the environment as a whole. Moreover there are a number of other related issues that can be attributed to water pollution such as death and diseases.

Pollution The air we breathe, the water we drink, the ground where we grow our food, is polluted with harmful things. Pollution is the introduction of harmful or poisonous effects of a substance into the environment. Pollution balance in the environment and ecosystem.

Air Pollution Poignant Matters

The environment is in the process of becoming unsafe or unsuitable to use. Pollution can come in many different form, such as air, water, soil can have pollutant. Ocean Pollution. Can you predict the outcome of food or medicine resources if ocean pollution is not prevented or minimized? Throughout this research paper the different categories of pollution will be explained more in depth. It will also specify the importance of minimizing pollution in the ocean and how much damage it can cause.

The ocean 's ecosystem is under. To make matters worse, our freshwater supply is also polluted by oil spills and corroded pipelines. As if that was not enough, everyday our air becomes a mixture of chemicals and other harsh air pollutants that result in more damage to the earth. For our convenience, we managed. Environmental pollution is a major problem in the world, posing many health risks to both humans and the environment when exposed to the pollutants for long periods of time. Environmental pollution needs to start. At this rate, if we remain to neglect these issues of contamination, our world will only become barren.

On the other hand, there is always a solution to a problem. Despite the serious effects our global pollution has had on not only the environment, but also the people, there is still enough time to change the damage we have done if our advancement in technology improves as well as our acknowledgement of the issue.

Causes of Air Pollution Essay Paper

In some places, much of our water is. Plastic pollution is something that has plagued the world for decades, but no one has been able to figure out a viable solution for it, until now. We are going to create youth groups using fundraisers, and send them out to China to clean beach shores of all of the filth created by big name companies who care nothing of their impact on the environment. Home Page Research Pollution Essay. Pollution Essay. What is the reason behind Continue Reading.